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Why”Together” won the audience’s reputation

Being with the pulse of the times, with the fiery life, with the people’s joys and sorrows, this is the success code of”Together”, and it is also a useful inspiration for telling Chinese stories in the new era.


In this life, meeting you is enough

I am your emotional caregiver, but you have to know how to let yourself go! I still remember clearly that breezy morning, walking along the beach with you, the sparse crowds on the beach, turning over the stones under the rocks to look for them It was an amazing time that will remind me of the rest of my life.


“Two Sections”

Today is the double festival, and I wish our motherland prosperity and prosperity. Weihai is a livable city in the world. It won the UN Habitat Award in 2003 and is my third hometown.


Once a good friend develops, do you still have contact with you?

The status has changed, the level is different, and the circle must be even more different! I once had a good junior high school classmate who went to school and had fun all day long. About ten years after I started working, he came to us once. I met him when I was eating in the cafeteria at noon. I said hello to him. He said he didn’t remember a classmate like me. I was particularly embarrassed because there were so many people present. Afterwards, I asked other classmates to find out about him. The career is relatively large, and I have been flying around the world for many years.