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With 51-year-old Yoshiko Fukuoka learning middle-aged wear, plain makeup can also wear affordable clothing, fashion style

The same dress, the same way of dressing, presents a thousand faces due to the differences between people. The two basic abilities of being able to pick and build are indispensable for a qualified fashionista, and ordinary people are also the same. Follow the dressing blogger to learn how to dress and dress. You can’t blindly imitate and copy your skills. Leave things behind and practice and play, step by step, you will find that your fashion taste will get a qualitative improvement.


Too rare! Dou Jingtong finally dressed up, wearing a simple and capable red shirt with western style, and his temperament is not inferior to Faye Wong

As a generation queen, Faye Wong has a unique temperament. Her two daughters have also attracted much attention, especially Dou Jingtong, who inherited the musical talents of parents and mothers, and they have attracted much attention. But when God opens a door, a window will be closed. Dou Jingtong’s fashion The sense is indeed difficult to understand.


Jike Junyi is worthy of being a”black pearl”. He wears a short top with a suspender and shorts. He has a strong body.

Every hot summer, girls always have some sexy items in their wardrobes. At this time, everyone can also try some suspenders or shorts. Simple shapes can also show a good figure, and Jike Junyi is even more Very bold, although the skin is very dark, but in terms of dressing is very attractive, I tried a white suspender top, combined with denim shorts, showing a sexy and hot body, people can’t look away.


Jin Chen really wears a”filter”, half-length shirt and high-waisted trousers, but the pants are too short and lower the hip line

More than half of the female stars are tall and slender, and they also have certain advantages in dressing up. In fact, they are not entirely true. No matter how good the proportions are, they will sometimes make mistakes in their outfits, such as Miss Jin Chen’s airport group. The styling, the upper body is a retro green cropped shirt, and the lower part is matched with high-waisted jeans, which just conceal the slight disadvantage of the upper body. However, the pants are too short and lower the hip line, making the hips low and flat. , Really wear a”filter”!