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The number of tourists in Cambodia has increased significantly

China News Agency, Phnom Penh, November 3 (reporter Ouyang Kaiyu) – recently, due to more holidays and changes in government control measures, the number of domestic tourists in Cambodia has increased significantly, and the scenic spots are full of tourists.


“Hometown of Confucius and Mencius” Shandong promotes cultural and tourism resources along the Yellow River to Taiwan

Beijing, November 2, Qufu, Shandong (Zhao Xiao) the 2021 “beautiful China” online series promotion activities sponsored by the Cross Strait Tourism Exchange Association, the Shandong “Yellow River Tour” promotion meeting was held in Ni mountain, Qufu on November 2, setting up a “heart to heart bridge” for Shandong Taiwan Cultural tourism exchange.


Shanghai launched two “100 billion” major tourism investment projects to invite the world

Beijing, Shanghai, September 28 (reporter Li Jiajia) the Shanghai Tourism Investment Promotion Conference was held at the Shanghai World Expo Museum on the 28th. Shanghai mayor Gong Zheng attended the conference and launched two “100 billion” major tourism investment projects in Shanghai during the 14th five year plan. Chen Tong, vice mayor of Shanghai, also sent an invitation to the world: work together to build a world-famous tourism city with high quality.


Opening of the Fifth China-Arab Traveling Salesman Conference

China News Service, Yinchuan, August 18 (Yu Jing, Li Zeyang) On August 18, the China-Arab Traveling Business Conference (China-Arab Leisure Tourism Forum) was held in Beijing and Ningxia in a combination of “online + offline” At the same time the curtain opens.


The Second Minority Traditional Sports Games of Jinghe County, Xinjiang Opens in 2021

   Chinanews.com, Jinghe, Xinjiang, May 19 (An Xiaolong Jiang Tingting) May 19 is the “China Tourism Day”, the 2021 Second Minority Traditional Sports Games in Jinghe County, Xinjiang kicked off on the same day. A racehorse with fat body and strong body, hooves and whizzes across the track…More than 200 athletes from the county will “Huashan Lunjian” in the three-day competition.


Longyan, Fujian held a cultural tourism conference, signed on-site cultural tourism and health care projects exceeding 4.6 billion yuan

   China News Service, Changting, Fujian, April 29 (Reporter Zhang Jinchuan) The 3rd Cultural and Tourism Industry Development Conference of Longyan City, Fujian Province opened on the 29th in Changting County, Longyan City, Fujian Province. At the event site, a total of 27 cultural, tourism and health care projects were signed, with a total investment of 4.683 billion yuan.