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International sharp review丨The U.S. intelligence agency that is keen on fakes can’t think about fooling the world again

   August 24 is the so-called 90-day traceability investigation deadline set by the US government for its intelligence agencies. A White House spokesperson said that the public version of the traceability investigation report is expected to be released within a few days. Regardless of what conclusions the report may give, the fact that the intelligence department conducts scientific tracing itself is an out-and-out political farce.


All walks of life in Laos: oppose the politicization of the issue of virus traceability

   The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Laos recently issued a statement stating that it should avoid politicizing the traceability of the new crown virus. Many Lao people, including the Director of the Information Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Laos and the Chairman of the Lao Journalists Association, also said that it is not advisable to politicize the traceability of the new crown virus. Only by strengthening multilateral cooperation can the epidemic be finally overcome.