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“Science and technology train running through rivers and lakes” was launched: more than 160 science and technology training and technical guidance were carried out on the front line

Beijing, July 26 (reporter Sun Zifa) the reporter learned from the Ministry of science and technology that the key demonstration activity of the 2022 National Science and technology week, “science and technology train Hechi trip”, was launched in Hechi City, Guangxi on July 26. Shaoxinyu, Vice Minister of the Ministry of science and technology, and Xu Xianhui, vice chairman of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, attended the launch meeting and presented a flag to the science and technology service team. Shaoxinyu announced the official launch of the activity.


With the in-depth promotion of the joint construction of the”the Belt and Road”, Xinjiang is no longer a remote area, but a core area and a hub area. What you are doing is of historical significance. You have made good achievements. Make persistent efforts and have a bright future.


Accident! The mayor of Tianjin rushed to the scene for disposal

At about 13:00 on April 14, the freight cars parked at cuipingshan station of Daqin Railway (located in Jizhou District, Tianjin) slipped away, collided with the running freight train, resulting in 17 freight cars off the line, of which 11 fell under the railway bridge, resulting in the interruption of Daqin Railway and no casualties.


It’s about you and me! The national railway plans will be adjusted from now on, and the time of these high-speed railway lines will be shortened

China Singapore Jingwei, January 10 (Dong Wenbo) – from 0:00 on January 10, the national railway will implement a new train diagram. The Spring Festival railway transportation in 2022 is about to begin, and train tickets have been sold. Which trains will be added in this plan adjustment? Which lines have been adjusted? What are the new changes in ticket purchase and refund?


Boost the smooth international supply chain. In 2021, the number of China Vietnam trains exceeds the total of the first four years since the opening of the line

Beijing, Nanning, January 4 (song Sili, Lin Xiangyun, Liu Yaqin) according to the information released by China Railway Nanning Bureau Group Co., Ltd. on the 4th, the operation of China Vietnam trains increased against the trend under the epidemic situation in 2021. 346 trains were operated throughout the year, with a year-on-year increase of 108.4%, exceeding the sum of the first four years since the opening of the line, creating a new high in the number of cross-border trains operated by Nanning bureau group.


China enters a new track in 2022

The Winter Olympic venues are white with ice and snow, the China Europe train leaves with a whistle, and the good news of “heavenly palace” is heard again. The intelligent factory operates at a high speed