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Chengyu Fuxing “train mother”: escort the return journey of Spring Festival transport with love

Lei Tao wears a heart-shaped “Mother Train” sign. Tao Jing

The “train mothers” braid hair for children who will have time to freshen up in the future. Tao Jing

On the G8607 train bound for Shapingba from Chengdu East, Lei Tao, the “train mother”, wore nursing towels for passengers who were breastfeeding. Tao Jing

The “Treasure Box of Love” specially prepared by the “train mothers” contains 15 kinds of supplies such as masks, chargers, nursing towels, diapers, children’s toys, raincoats, and maps. Tao Jing

“Mother Train” Lei Tao sorted out the “Treasure Box of Love”. Tao Jing

“Mother Train” Lei Tao explained to the children the precautions for a civilized ride. Tao Jing

“Mother Train” Lei Tao gave the toy to the kid who had just woke up. Tao Jing

“Mother Train” Lei Tao explained to the children about civilized rides. Tao Jing

   After the Spring Festival holiday, the return passenger flow of the railway gradually increased. On the Chengdu-Chongqing Intercity Fuxing train, there was a group of special Spring Festival transport staff-“train mother” volunteers.


The year-watchers guarding the Spring Festival transport: the train headed for “home”

   China News Service, Hangzhou, February 12 (Su Lihao) In front of the platform of Hangzhou East Railway Station in Zhejiang Province, G20 train slowly approached, and Chen Suping dragged police equipment on the platform for a long time. She is a member of the police detachment of the Hangzhou Railway Public Security Department. Since the police, this year is Chen Suping’s eighth Spring Festival travel season.


The train driver also commented on “Autumn Famous Mountain Car God”. Five small sticks are good drivers.

Trains travel frequently in mountainous areas, and train operation needs to be careful. Wang Yizhao

Different sticks falling down mean different levels of tremor. Wang Yizhao

Driver Xiao Zan took the impulse stick and boarded the train. Wang Yizhao

Xiao Zan, who has been working for 6 years, is already the leader of the smooth operation team of the Liuzhou locomotive depot. He presided over the compilation of the “Smooth Train Operation Manual” to reduce the number of rods dropped by more than 90% compared with the previous trains. Photograph by Wang Yizhao

   On January 19, Xiao Zan, the train driver of the Liuzhou Locomotive Depot in Guangxi, took 5 small wooden sticks to board a regular-speed train in Liuzhou City to test whether the driver on duty was driving well. The scientific name of the wooden stick is the impulse stick. Just like the water cup brought by the “Autumn Mountain Bike God”, the five small wooden sticks represent different impulse levels, and the smallest three will fall down like water spinning in the water cup, which will cause passengers Discomfort. The two largest ones fall down, which means that standing passengers will easily fall, and it is an excellent operation if 5 sticks do not fall along the way. Guangxi is located in a mountainous area. Affected by various factors such as vehicle type, line, load, etc., trains will have greater or lesser impulses during starting and stopping.


The train rushes, the landscape changes, and the poetry-like earth is filled with profound artistic conception

On the east train, the western wasteland ran in all directions of my soul. The unfolding snowfield dispersed into a stirring poem, walking into my soul, I was lost in the heart of the wasteland. The sky is high and the clouds are light, and the Tianshan Mountains are undulating. The faint colors show the warmth of winter in the west. I saw the background color left by a pair of affectionate eyes, bright and gorgeous. A dirt house standing on a snowy field, lonely and empty.


Dutch city rail train derails, fortunately to be”lifted” by the whale statue

On November 2, in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, an urban rail train broke out of the track. Xinhua News Agency/Reuters Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, November 3 (Reporter Wang Xinfang) An urban rail train in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, accidentally rushed out of the track early in the morning on the 2nd local time. Fortunately, it was stopped by a giant whale statue nearby and stopped on the tail of the whale. No one was injured in the accident.


High-speed rail innovation milestone! The 400km/h cross-border interconnection high-speed EMU rolls off the assembly line in CRRC

The successful research and development of this high-speed EMU can not only fully meet the development needs of my country’s high-speed railways in the future, but also provide strong technical support for the implementation of high-end equipment”going out” and the”transportation power” strategy. It is a new era for my country A milestone and major innovation in high-speed railway equipment.


Japan launches new maglev train with a speed of 500 kilometers per hour, spacious and comfortable interior

Source:ic photo October 19, 2020 local time, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan, Japan Central Japan Railway Company displayed the new maglev train. The train has a speed of 500 kilometers per hour and will run between Tokyo and Osaka. The Central Japan Railway Company invited the media to test the new train. The seats inside the train are more spacious to ensure that passengers feel comfortable.


A passenger in Italy refused to wear a mask and the train from Turin to Milan was delayed for half an hour

The train stopped for more than half an hour because a female passenger refused to wear a mask. After receiving the train conductor’s notice, several railway police officers came to the scene to discourage. It happened on October 1st, around 14:00 in the afternoon. At Chivasso train station, there was a train that stopped at Turin Porta Nuova train station at 12.54 and was supposed to arrive at Milan Central Station at 14:45. Regional trains.