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Japan launches new maglev train with a speed of 500 kilometers per hour, spacious and comfortable interior

Source:ic photo October 19, 2020 local time, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan, Japan Central Japan Railway Company displayed the new maglev train. The train has a speed of 500 kilometers per hour and will run between Tokyo and Osaka. The Central Japan Railway Company invited the media to test the new train. The seats inside the train are more spacious to ensure that passengers feel comfortable.


A passenger in Italy refused to wear a mask and the train from Turin to Milan was delayed for half an hour

The train stopped for more than half an hour because a female passenger refused to wear a mask. After receiving the train conductor’s notice, several railway police officers came to the scene to discourage. It happened on October 1st, around 14:00 in the afternoon. At Chivasso train station, there was a train that stopped at Turin Porta Nuova train station at 12.54 and was supposed to arrive at Milan Central Station at 14:45. Regional trains.


Heavy release The train into autumn (original)

People, this life is like a train. After the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter, year after year, year after year, time and again, all you see are different scenery along the way. I have experienced some people and understood some things, but Once started, I can’t stop, I’m tired.


Chen Feng, the legal representative of HNA Group, was restricted from high consumption

China Enforcement Information Disclosure Network disclosed on September 15 that the People’s Court of Beilin District, Xi’an City filed a case on August 13, 2020 on the case of the applicant Chai Jing’s application for the execution of the HNA Group Co., Ltd. contract dispute, because HNA Group did not specify in accordance with the enforcement notice During the period to fulfill the payment obligations determined by the effective legal documents, the courts, in accordance with regulations, adopted consumption restrictions on HNA Group, restricting HNA Group and legal representative Chen Feng from implementing high consumption and non-essential consumption behaviors for life and work.