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A Japanese self-defense team member was arrested for illegal use of scissors while riding on the Shinkansen, and was unable to get out of the toilet, causing a 45-minute train delay

On the afternoon of the 9th local time, a member of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces was arrested for carrying scissors for no valid reason while riding a Shinkansen train. Although this incident did not cause casualties, the train was delayed for 45 minutes because the suspect had been hiding in the toilet.


The”ghost train” disappeared with 104 people 87 years ago, and the scientist disappeared after getting on the train. The reason remains a mystery

Even after decades of science of atomic splitting, the world still has unresolved mysteries that people cannot believe, and the”ghost train” is one of them.”Ghost Train” has been reported many times by some newspapers in Eastern Europe and Russia. If you ask people there, they will tell you vividly that the reports are true. On the Russian track, there is indeed a Trains appear and disappear from time to time.


A high-speed train derails in Portugal, causing 1 death and 50 injuries

Overseas Network, August 1st. According to”Russia Today” reports, on July 31, local time, a high-speed train collided with railway maintenance equipment when traveling to central Portugal and derailed. At least one person has been killed. , 50 people were injured, of which 5 were seriously injured and 30 were only slightly injured.