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How are the volunteers trained for the Winter Olympic Games? Set up 23 compulsory courses for 19000 people

Beijing, January 8 (reporter Chen Hang) Winter Olympic history, post skills, common sense of ice and snow sports, knowledge of cold and antifreeze… In the face of the reality that China’s ice and snow sports foundation is relatively weak and the experience of ice and snow sports volunteer service is relatively insufficient, the Beijing winter Olympic Organizing Committee provides a series of training for about 19000 Games volunteers, including 23 compulsory and elective courses, Create the “most beautiful business card” during the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.


Su Bingtian speed research and Training Center settled in Jinan University

Beijing, Guangzhou, December 27 (reporter Guo Jun) on December 27, the unveiling ceremony of Su Bingtian speed research and training center was held in Jinan University. When introducing the center, Professor Su Bingtian of Jinan University said that he would continue and develop the “Guangdong speed” and strive to build the training center into a leading and world-class comprehensive sprint training base in Asia.


Focus interview: come on! Winter Olympics support group helps snow and ice

CCTV news (focus interview): Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics is getting closer and closer, the preparations for the event are ready, and the preparations of Chinese ice and snow athletes have entered the final sprint stage. While the national team athletes are working hard and training with all their strength, there are also a group of people busy. They are the teams that provide guarantee services for the Winter Olympics and the national team. With the Winter Olympics approaching, what are these behind the scenes teams doing? How did they ensure the safe and orderly training of the national team during the epidemic and help prepare for the Beijing Winter Olympics? Not long ago, the reporter came to the national winter sports training center in Beijing Shougang Park, one of the national team’s ice sports training bases.


Eight athletes from Hebei are expected to qualify for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games

Beijing, Baoding, December 6 (LV Zihao, Xu Qiaoming) “Hebei winter sports started from scratch. It took five years to form 18 provincial professional teams. 32 people were selected into the national team, and 8 people are expected to qualify for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, and are expected to make a historic breakthrough in steel frame snowmobiles, snowmobiles and cross-country skiing.” Zhang Zefeng, party secretary and director of Hebei Sports Bureau, He said at a press conference held by the Information Office of Hebei Provincial People’s Government on June 6.