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(people live a happy life) Guizhou “double training” action gives the language “key” to ethnic minorities

China news service, Guiyang, July 10 (reporter Yang Qian) “speak Miao dialect at home and Mandarin when you go out; everyone understands that friends are all over the world. For national communication, use Miao language; hurry to a well-off society and rely on Mandarin help.” Yang, a Miao woman over 60 years old who lives in the relocation poverty alleviation resettlement site at the east exit of Kaili City, Guizhou Province, has also met new sisters of the same family in the city, Sang Miao folk songs together, and can also communicate with neighbors in Mandarin.


Late night official announcement! Zhang Linpeng, Zhang Yuning and others were defeated in the new national football team list, and foreign teachers replaced Li Xiaopeng

At 22:45 p.m. Beijing time on July 8, the official website of the Chinese Football Association released the notice of the new national football team, the National Men’s football selection team. In this training, the national football team has changed a lot. First of all, the name is named”national football selection team” to distinguish the differences between new and old national football teams.


Shandong implemented the skill improvement plan for millions of professional farmers, and pioneered online training and living subsidy policies

On April 21, the Information Office of Shandong provincial government held a press conference to interpret the policies related to vocational skills training in Shandong Province. It is reported that according to the arrangement and deployment of the State Council, in 2019, our province issued the implementation plan to carry out the three-year vocational skill improvement action, which ended in 2021. What are the results of the vocational skill improvement action in our province in the past three years?


Ministry of Education: 25 listed companies no longer engage in Discipline Training

Beijing, February 28 (Reporter Yuan Xiuyue) recently, the person in charge of the supervision department of after-school education and training of the Ministry of education introduced that the governance of after-school training institutions has achieved phased results. Pre charge supervision has basically achieved full coverage, with a total supervision amount of more than 13 billion yuan; All provinces have issued government guidance price standards, and the charges are more than 40% lower than before; 25 listed companies have completed the clean-up and rectification, and are no longer engaged in Discipline Training in the stage of compulsory education. The false fire in the training market has been greatly reduced, advertising has basically disappeared, capital has been greatly withdrawn, and the phenomenon of barbaric growth has been effectively curbed.


How are the volunteers trained for the Winter Olympic Games? Set up 23 compulsory courses for 19000 people

Beijing, January 8 (reporter Chen Hang) Winter Olympic history, post skills, common sense of ice and snow sports, knowledge of cold and antifreeze… In the face of the reality that China’s ice and snow sports foundation is relatively weak and the experience of ice and snow sports volunteer service is relatively insufficient, the Beijing winter Olympic Organizing Committee provides a series of training for about 19000 Games volunteers, including 23 compulsory and elective courses, Create the “most beautiful business card” during the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.