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Zuo Quan, Shanxi: high school students were swept away by the flood and firefighters rescued in the torrent

Beijing, Jinzhong, October 6 (reporter Lu Qiguo) on October 6, a high school student in Zuoquan County, Shanxi Province was washed away by the flood while riding a bike. Fortunately, he hugged a big tree. With the cooperation of his teammates, a firefighter from the fire rescue brigade of Zuoquan County waded through the torrent that had never crossed his neck and successfully rescued the students lying on the branches.


It takes 14 hours to go home in 1 hour! New York passengers trapped overnight on the train due to heavy rain

Chinanews.com, September 3, according to the US Chinese website, at 7:43 p.m. local time on the 1st, Camilla Akbari, a student from the New York University School of Law, boarded the New Jersey MRT from Penn Station in New York City. , The destination is my mother’s house in Princeton, New Jersey. This is a journey that usually takes about an hour. However, this time she spent about 14 hours.


Yiling, Hubei Province was hit by heavy rain

   China News Service, Yichang, July 21 (Zhao Mingming, Huang Hailong, Yang Fan, Tan Lei) From the evening of July 20 to the early morning of July 21, many places in Yiling District, Yichang City, Hubei Province were hit by heavy rains, causing traffic interruption and many people trapped. Local cadres and the public security, fire protection and other departments made emergency rescues, searching and rescuing the trapped people overnight.


Slippery roads in Guilin, Guangxi cause multiple traffic accidents, emergency fire rescue

China News Service, Guilin, January 25th (Zhou Liang) On January 25th, Guilin City, Guangxi was affected by rainy weather, with low visibility and slippery roads. There were multiple incidents in Lingui District, Xing’an County, Yangshuo County, and Lingchuan County in the territory. Among the traffic accidents, the traffic accident at the Liangfengqiao section at Potian intersection in Sanjie Town, Lingchuan County was more serious. Upon hearing the police, the Guilin Fire Rescue Detachment succeeded in rescuing 5 injured and trapped people from the scenes of multiple traffic accidents.


Record snowfall in some parts of Japan, more than 1,000 cars stuck and unable to move

China News Service, January 10, according to the “Central News Agency” report, in the past few days, there have been heavy snowfalls in some parts of Japan, and the amount of snowfall in many places has set a record. The height of snow accumulation in Hokuriku, Niigata, and Tohoku has reached twice the previous year. 8 times as much. Heavy snow has severely blocked traffic in various places. More than a thousand vehicles could not move in the heavy snow. The authorities are speeding up snow removal and other work.