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Ease the “science and technology anxiety” with cultural self-confidence. “National treasure · exhibition season” opens up the imagination facing the future in artistic innovation

International Online News: the special cultural relics exhibition of national treasure is about to be held, and the supporting program “national treasure exhibition season” launched by CCTV variety channel of China Central Radio and television is nearing the end. Since the launch of the program, artists and enthusiasts from all walks of life have displayed their creativity and talents and successively brought refreshing literary and artistic exhibits to the audience. In the eighth program with the theme of “a critical word” broadcast on December 11, Li Sisi recited while dancing, and then copied the long live Tongtian post in cooperation with the robot. Some viewers lamented that the imagination was refreshed again: “can the weather of the book sage be displayed like this?”


“Treasure-like Village” finale Hua Shaoyou Changjing treasure hunt in Chun’an, Zhejiang

China News Service, February 22. Recently, the experiential country roaming variety show “Treasure-like Village” ended. The show led the audience to explore the achievements of poverty alleviation in a fun way. At the last stop, members of the treasure group such as Hua Shao and You Changjing came Go to Chun’an, Zhejiang, walk into the Nianwei market and villagers’ homes in Xiajiang Village, and experience the new life in the beautiful countryside.


Praised as “Fairy Music” “National Treasure” original music episode “Homecoming” in the third season is online

“Perhaps looking back at the journey our ancestors have gone through, the creation left behind, the emotions they have left behind, and the strength of their character, it will make us more aware of what the Chinese nation has contributed to world civilization…” December 6, accompanied by 001 The narrator Zhang Guoli’s affectionate “confession”, the third season of the large-scale cultural expedition program “National Treasure” officially started. On the night of the premiere, the full-scale copywriting, stunning dance beauty, cultural heritage, overall conception, and national music sonon made the audience screaming “Yes Qinghui”.


New relationship theory, absolutely, worth seeing

There are many encounters in life, and each encounter has different feelings. There are good and bad, confidants, friends, and endless words. This is called spiritual communication and acquaintance. Such people are very Please cherish it if it is difficult to encounter. Here, bless and thank every relative and friend who appeared in my life once, now, and in the future, life is short, and cherish the destined people in your life.