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51 new deaths in Shanghai, the direct cause announced… Zhang Wenhong:severe treatment is facing challenges

Shanghai health covid-19 morning Bulletin:from 0 to 24 April 24, 2022, 2472 new confirmed cases of local new crown pneumonia and 16983 asymptomatic infections were added. 846 of the confirmed cases were returned to asymptomatic infection, 1557 confirmed cases and 16835 asymptomatic infections were found in isolation control, while the rest were found in the investigation of the relevant risk groups.


Always acne is likely to be liver stasis! Traditional Chinese medicine has its own characteristics of acne and freckle removal, and four-step therapy can prevent recurrence

Having escaped the summer that oily skin and acne muscles are most afraid of, winter and spring are the best time for acne loving students to treat and protect their skin. If you want to achieve good”acne” effect, you have to know yourself and the enemy in order to win every battle! So, how to completely remove adult acne? How to repair acne marks and pits? In medicine, acne is divided into four levels by severity. From the second level, you should go to the hospital for treatment.


[mortal shimmer] fight the epidemic with one heart and overcome difficulties together! Nearly 5000 medical staff from 12 provinces and cities assisted Jilin

CCTV news: on April 3, 836 local confirmed cases and 2742 asymptomatic infections were added in Jilin Province, mainly concentrated in Changchun and Jilin. All infected persons have been transferred to designated medical institutions for isolation treatment. On the morning of April 4, Jilin Province held a press conference on epidemic prevention and control. As of April 3, 4936 medical and nursing personnel from 12 provinces and cities such as Beijing, Shaanxi, Hubei and Jiangxi had assisted Jilin Province.