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U.S.-Mexico agreement enters into force

Liu Xiangdong, deputy director of the Economic Research Department of the China International Economic Exchange Center, also said that the current internal contradictions in the United States are relatively obvious. Trump will also use this national sentiment as a card for his election. From this point of view, his words, deeds and actions are not completely self-willed. At least in the hearts of the American people, this protectionism and national priority The initiative can still get some support.


Nearly 2.8 million diagnoses are not worth mentioning! The US convenes a 7,000-person rally

According to the latest epidemic data, as of 14:18 on the 2nd of this month, the cumulative number of confirmed cases in the world has reached 10,734,583. The cumulative number of confirmed cases in the United States is still ranked first in the world. After the outbreak, the total number of patients with new coronary pneumonia in the United States reached 2779953 The number of deaths has exceeded the 130,000 mark. Within the past 24 hours, the country’s new cases have reached 53,217.


Trump took a dangerous step, a large number of US troops came straight to the east, India might wait for a strong response

At the same time, a spokesperson for the US Department of Defense stated that these troops will be redeployed, and the US has not made a clear response regarding the specific deployment location. In the Indo-Pacific region, the US military has attempted to increase the deployment of troops, using India, Japan and other countries to contain China’s development.