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Old Versailles, Lakers coach:Tucker’s performance today made my job harder

On December 14, the Lakers defeated the Clippers again in the preseason. After the game, coach Vogel talked about the outstanding young player Tucker in this game. When asked how he allocates playing time to Tucker in the regular season, Vogel He said with a smile:”This will definitely make my job difficult.” Tucker scored 33 points and 10 rebounds, the best in the game. Vogel also said:His defense is as talented as his offense.


Yesterday, Leonard asked Matthews:Horton Tucker is 19 years old?

Yesterday the Lakers defeated the Clippers 87-81 in the preseason opener. Taron Horton Tucker started with 19 points, 9 rebounds, 4 assists and 3 steals. Wesley Matthews told reporters that he didn’t know how old Horton Tucker was until yesterday, when Cavai Leonard asked him during the game:”Wesley? Tarren is 19 years old? I just asked him. , He said,’Yes, I just turned 20.’ I said,’WOW.’ It can especially be used to describe his game.