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In addition to accusing “genocide”, the United States also refused to deliver F-35 fighters to Turkey

   China News Service, April 25. According to Al Jazeera’s Chinese website, the two recent moves by US President Biden have “angered” Turkey and fueled the tense relations between the two countries. One is Biden’s announcement that the United States believes that the Ottoman Empire carried out “genocide” on the Armenians during the events of 1915, and the other is that the United States excluded Turkey from its plan to deliver advanced F-35 fighters.


Over 3 million confirmed cases of new crown in Turkey, more than 30,000 deaths

   China News Service, March 22. According to the “Central News Agency” report, on the 21st local time, data from the Turkish health department showed that the total number of new crown deaths in the country exceeded 30,000, and the cumulative number of confirmed cases also exceeded the 3 million mark. After the cabinet meeting on March 22, President Erdogan will announce whether to resume the epidemic prevention restrictions lifted in early March.