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Erdogan’s ambition

In the sixth month of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, one person has attracted great attention of international public opinion. He not only brought the representatives of Russia and Ukraine together several times, but also successfully signed an agreement on resuming the Black Sea Grain passage aimed at lifting the ban on Ukrainian grain exports, which relieved 47million hungry people around the world. He also received high praise from United Nations Secretary General Guterres for facilitating the negotiation of the agreement.


In the Russian Ukrainian war, the destruction of the Asian speed camp was imminent, the Middle East fought again, and Turkey announced cross-border operations

The Ukrainian Nazi armed Asian speed battalion only had some troops in the Asian speed steel plant. At the stage when the Ukrainian Asian speed battalion was about to collapse, the Middle East fought again. According to the news released by Turkey, the Turkish Ministry of Defense announced that from April 18, the Turkish army entered the Kurdish populated area in northern Iraq and began a new round of military operations.


Why does the route of Yun 20 to Serbia stop in Turkey?

For three consecutive days, six yun-20 strategic transport aircraft flew to Serbia with a round-trip range of more than 10000 kilometers in a single day to transport fk-3 air defense missiles. Yun-20 is a domestic aircraft, with a maximum takeoff weight of about 200 tons, a maximum load of 55 tons and a maximum range of about 7800 kilometers. It is the country’s heavy equipment.