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50% of vaccines in the Middle East’s largest new crown vaccine warehouse logistics center come from China

   The UAE is the first country in the world to officially approve the use of China’s new crown vaccine. Currently, the country’s vaccination rate is also among the highest among other countries. The UAE is located in the Middle East connecting Asia and Europe. It is becoming an important warehousing and logistics center for the global new crown vaccine transfer and distribution. The headquarter reporters recently visited the COVID-19 Vaccine Warehouse and Logistics Center in Abu Dhabi, UAE, to find out.


The UAE Mars Rover”Hope” successfully enters Mars orbit

Xinhua News Agency, Dubai, February 9th. After about 7 months and nearly 500 million kilometers of”space travel”, the United Arab Emirates’ first Mars rover”Hope” successfully entered the orbit of Mars on the 9th and began monitoring and monitoring the Martian atmosphere. the study.