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Suspicion on the Russian Ukrainian border: Russia wants to invade Ukraine? Britain and the United States are behind the situation?

Beijing, Nov. 17 (Xinhua) according to a comprehensive report, recently, reports on the large-scale assembly of Russian troops near the Ukrainian border have aroused great attention to Russia Ukraine relations. U.S. officials warned that Russia may be “considering invading Ukraine”. Ukrainian experts said that Britain and the United States should be responsible for the deterioration of Russian Ukrainian relations. Ukraine and Britain issued a joint statement stressing that they do not want to be enemies with Russia.


What is the progress of”Vaccinations in various countries” in Ukraine?

[Original Title]:How is Uzbekistan’s new crown vaccination progress? According to RIA Novosti, the General Administration of Health and Epidemic Prevention of Uzbekistan stated,”We are expected to obtain other materials related to the”Satellite-V” vaccine provided by Russia in the near future, so that Uzbekistan can start the certification of the vaccine as soon as possible.