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The current situation under the conflict between Russia and Ukraine

Many wars have attacked civilian areas, including markets, universities, apartments and office buildings. At present, it is impossible to identify whether these shells came from Russia or Ukraine, making the casualties of those who did not escape the shelling attacks a daily reality.


As soon as Russia and Ukraine signed the food agreement, the Odessa port was attacked by missiles, and the warning of the global food crisis is still difficult to be lifted

Wen/Liu Jia editor/Qi Fei against the background of soaring global grain prices, Russia and Ukraine reached an agreement in Istanbul, Turkey, on July 22 local time that Ukraine can continue to export grain through three ports in the Black Sea. It is nearly five months since the war broke out. But just one day later, the news of missile attack came from Odessa, the Black Sea port city used for food transportation, casting a shadow on the new agreement.


Russia:”this is naked theft”

Dmitry Razumkov, former speaker of the Ukrainian parliament and former leader of the people’s public servant party, said on the 20th that Kiev should intercept part of the natural gas transmitted to the west through Russia via Ukraine, according to the website of Russia’s”Izvestia” on the 22nd.