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The 69 year old man drowned while fishing for an umbrella, and his family claimed 1.08 million yuan! The court ruled

Uncle Li, 69, who lives in Fangshan, Beijing, is a fishing lover. He has been fishing in a fishing garden for a long time. The reporter learned from the trial information network of Beijing Court on April 5 that the first instance of the court determined that Uncle Li was responsible for 80%of his own death, while Zhang and Ma were responsible for 20%, with a total compensation of more than 200000 yuan.


Not a joke! A policeman from a police station in China has been sanctioned by the United States [3 minutes of the rule of law news all know]

Cover news is no joke! A Chinese police station policeman was sanctioned by the United States. On Thursday, US Secretary of State Pompeo announced a list of sanctions against current and former officials of foreign governments. The finale on this list is Huang Yuanxiong, a grassroots policeman from Xiamen, China. The reason for the sanction was Huang Yuanxiong’s”infringement” of the”religious freedom” of the cult members.


What does it mean for a man to be 65?

The man is 65 years old and he has finished his busy work and enjoys his retirement life. The children all start their careers as a family. There is no need to worry about anything on their own, but if they enjoy their old age in this way, the 65-year-old man will miss the last turning point in his life.