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231 meters! China Manatee II sets a new world record for deep-sea drilling rig drilling depth

At around 23:00 on April 7th, Beijing time, my country’s first “Manatee II” submarine large-hole deep pressure core drilling rig system led by Hunan University of Science and Technology successfully drilled 231 meters in the South China Sea over 2000 meters deep water, refreshing the world’s deep sea Drilling depth of subsea rigs. The success of this deep-sea test fills the gap in my country’s deep-sea subsea drilling equipment with a depth of more than 100 meters and has the function of holding pressure and coring, and also marks that my country has reached the world’s leading level in this technical field. Come and take a look at the growth trajectory of our country’s “Manatee”! (Reporter Xie Ying, drawing Zhao Yuer, Li Fan)


What about 10,000 meters under the sea? Mysterious creatures are found, strange sounds come from time to time

The earth has four poles:Antarctica, North Pole, Mount Everest and deep sea bottom. Mankind’s exploration of the unknown world has never stopped. The Antarctic, North Pole and Mount Everest have long left human footprints. Humans need to”look up to the stars” and”explore the seabed” at the same time. So what does the deep seabed look like? One:10909 meters under the sea The day before yesterday, the”Struggle” manned submersible successfully landed in the Mariana Trench with a maximum depth of 10909 meters.


Map the sea floor! International advanced level丨The”three-in-one” seabed exploration artifact created by the Harbin Engineering R&D team

Simultaneously detect the seabed topography, landforms and shallow strata profiles, map the seabed, and better manage the ocean…Recently, the scientific research team of Professor Li Haisen from the School of Hydroacoustics of Harbin Engineering University successfully developed the world’s first”three-in-one” seabed exploration artifact. Let the mysterious seabed become more”transparent”.


The 864 servers that sunk into the bottom of the sea were picked up

Two years later, they were salvaged and landed on a beautiful cloudy day, which also announced the success of Microsoft’s”Underwater Data Center” experiment:Compared with similar people on land, servers that were quiet for two years under water , The failure rate is only 1/8 of the former.