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Winter Olympics hundred questions | what traditional culture does the uniform of the Beijing Winter Olympics contain?

The 24th Winter Olympic Games will start in Beijing on February 4, 2022. The sports department of chinanews.com launched a series of columns “questions about the Winter Olympics”, which aims to popularize the knowledge of the Winter Olympics, answer hot questions and share interesting ice and snow stories, so as to help everyone have a better viewing experience during the Beijing Winter Olympics.


37-year-old Wu Xin really has a set of”beautiful”, plaid skirt + uniform socks without pressure, like a high school student

Youthfulness has always been a topic that female friends cannot escape. Young girls will try to show their youthful vitality, while mature women will try their best to dress up to be youthful and vigorous. In short, they all want to show”a sense of youth.” Even in the beauty-like entertainment industry. No, the 37-year-old Wu Xin really has a set of”beautiful”, plaid skirt + uniform socks without pressure, too much like a high school student, the following Xiao Miao will take everyone to analyze the mystery of age reduction in this style. 1. Analysis of Wu Xin’s modeling knowledge. Wu Xin chose a”uniform style” knit short sleeve for his top.


The song of the night of the rabbit seam, LPL host Iran Iris is also wearing it

Ran Ranzi is also the first time to try to wear a JK uniform. She is also worried that she will be pretended to be tender. In fact, she received praise, but she is very beautiful. The first time wearing the JK uniform was also corrected. Originally it was said to”buy JK for the first time.” It was kindly reminded by netizens that”in fact, jk uniforms are not wearing jk~jk is the meaning of female high school students.”Frightened and immediately changed the statement.


10 finalists selected for the Beijing Olympic Winter Uniform Design

China News Service, Beijing, July 3rd, 3rd, the reporter learned from the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee that, according to the overall work arrangement for the review and assessment of the visual design of uniform equipment for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympic Games, the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee From June 29 to July 1, the organization conducted the first review of the application proposal submitted in the previous period.