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Britain and Canada signed a transitional trade agreement to resolve the trade issues between the two countries after the end of the Brexit transition period

According to reports, the United Kingdom formally withdrew from the European Union in January this year, but the United Kingdom’s trade with other countries is still proceeding in accordance with the EU’s existing bilateral or multilateral agreements. The transition period for Brexit will end on December 31, requiring renegotiating with other countries. , To formulate new trade rules.


Foreign media:The British Secretary of Defense said it might follow the US to reduce the number of troops stationed in Afghanistan

Reference News Network reported on November 19, according to Reuters London news, British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said on the 19th local time that the United Kingdom may follow the United States to reduce the number of troops in Afghanistan, but the United Kingdom will continue to cooperate with the Afghan government and the United States. Ensure the security of Afghanistan. According to the report, Wallace said in an interview with the British Sky News Channel that if the United States reduces some of its troops in Afghanistan, then the United Kingdom may also reduce its troops.


Foreign media speculate on Britain’s new bill to restrict foreign investment in response to China and Russia, experts:don’t over-interpret

The British government proposed a”National Security and Investment Act” on the 11th, requiring companies to notify the authorities of foreign investment in sensitive industries such as defense, transportation, communications and technology. According to the Wall Street Journal, this is the latest action taken by British Prime Minister Johnson to protect the country’s strategically important or national security industries.


British Conservative Party:If China dares to unify Taiwan by force, Britain will sever diplomatic relations with China

Recently, a “China Research Group” within the British ruling Conservative Party released a report calling for changes in relations with China. However, the report does not call for a closer partnership between Britain and China, but goes in the opposite direction, believing that Britain should keep a distance from China, a country whose”values” are”essentially different” from Britain.


“Putin is destroying Britain!”

For a long time, Russia has been the chief culprit of cyber attacks in the eyes of Western countries. In 2018, the United States and Britain issued a joint warning about Russian hackers attacking critical infrastructure network facilities in Western countries.


How did cooperating with China become”kowtow to China”?

According to reports, this week, the British”Sunday Post” produced the minutes of the meeting at the beginning of the year. In the records, the senior official of the British finance department John Glenn called on China and the United Kingdom to expand in more areas at a gathering at the beginning of the year. Cooperation.


The Chinese side took measures, and sure enough, the British side”cannot bear it”

Wen 丨 Jun Jun trial 丨 Qing fell on October 23. At the regular press conference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a reporter asked the Chinese diplomatic spokesperson, saying that some time ago, the British side stated that it would start on January 30, 2021. The channel is officially opened and you can apply for residence in the UK. In response to this move by the UK, what kind of response will China make? Will it prevent people from leaving Hong Kong on this basis?


Worried about being challenged by China in the”grey zone”? To be honest, Britain is not qualified

Author:Assassin Recently, the National Security Bureau in a public speech, declared that China became a British security”challenge.” In this regard, the spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in the UK stated that China’s development has brought opportunities to the world and does not pose a threat to any country or anyone. It is hoped that relevant British officials will abandon the Cold War mentality, take a comprehensive and objective view of China’s development, and avoid further damage to China-UK relations.