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Expert: US multi-city homicides on the rise or usher in the violent summer

American media AXOIS website reported on the 1st local time that after studying the latest violent crime data, American criminologists said that in the first quarter of 2021, the number of homicides in many cities across the United States increased significantly, indicating that the country may be about to usher in violence. The crime-prone summer.


Russia takes multiple measures to respond to US sanctions on Russia

China News Agency, Moscow, April 17 (Reporter Wang Xiujun) The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website announced on the 16th that Russia will take a number of measures to respond to US sanctions, including expelling US diplomats in Russia and banning US envoys in Russia. The museum hires administrative and technical personnel from Russia or a third country.


China and Russia join forces to support Iran! China, Russia and Iran strengthen cooperation and jointly leverage the foundation of U.S. hegemony

In the past few years, although China and Russia have been repeatedly suppressed by U.S. sanctions, the two countries can still see tricks by virtue of their strong strength. However, Iran, which is also suppressed by the United States, is different. Due to its limited national strength, Iran is not only It has been completely blocked by the United States in the economic field and isolated by the United States in terms of politics and diplomacy. In addition, the United States has also used military means to carry out targeted”assassinations” of senior Iranian leaders.