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The United States issued new regulations restricting Chinese Communist Party members from traveling to the United States, Hua Chunying responded like this

According to a reference report, the New York Times website reported that the Trump administration issued new regulations on Wednesday, local time, restricting Chinese Communist Party members and their immediate family members from traveling to the United States. According to two people familiar with the matter, the new policy limits the maximum validity of travel visas for Chinese Communist Party members and their families to the United States for a single entry, which will take effect immediately. According to reports, this move will undoubtedly further aggravate the tension between the two countries.


American public health experts:Failure to learn from China’s experience is the biggest failure of the White House in fighting the epidemic

In an interview with CCTV reporters, U.S. public health expert and former professor at the Harvard School of Public Health William Haseltine said that the United States is”very likely” that the new crown virus epidemic has existed since December last year; and after the epidemic has further spread, the United States One of the government’s biggest failures in fighting the epidemic is”not learning from China’s experience.” In response to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s research report on “the new crown virus appeared in the United States as early as December last year,” Haseltine believes that it is very likely that the new crown virus epidemic has existed in the United States since December last year. This is because of the new crown virus. There are a large number of asymptomatic and mildly ill patients among the infected, and the number of infected people is not very large. The US government lacks attention to this.


Want to spread drugs in China? The U.S. accuses China of”anti-bite” and demands 100 more flights to China

Written by Koala Editor丨The winter flu season on July 7 has arrived, which means that the spread of new coronary pneumonia has once again ushered in an”excellent moment”. A few days ago, the news from countries around the world was that the country was counterattacked by the new crown pneumonia epidemic and ushered in the second wave of the epidemic. In the United States, the news of the third wave of outbreaks came at this moment.


As early as 50 years ago, the United States had already landed on the moon six times and brought back hundreds of kilograms of rock. Why ask for it?

In the 1950s, at the end of World War II, the east and the west of the world were divided into two camps, capital and society. After the war, Europe was a waste of time and could not be involved. The confrontation between the two camps actually evolved into a confrontation between the two major powers. While the United States and the Soviet Union were engaged in various arms races, the issue of space dominance suddenly appeared. The leaders of the two countries believed that the occupation of space can completely reverse the anxiety.


US Centers for Disease Control:The new crown virus appeared in the United States in mid-December last year

According to the Wall Street Journal in the United States, a study published in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases by US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention researchers on November 30 showed that based on the testing of blood samples from residents of nine U.S. states, as early as 2019 In mid-December, the new crown virus has already appeared in the United States. This is one month earlier than the first confirmed case in the United States officially reported by the United States and several weeks before the official confirmation of the new crown virus in China.


China may clear US debt and detonate the emergence of a”nuclear bomb” in the US market. Rogers:Pay the price

According to a Reuters report on November 30, U.S. President-elect Biden announced the candidates for several senior economic positions, including the appointment of former Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen as Secretary of the Treasury, and Wall Street has long identified Yellen as fiscal policy.”Dovish”, just like the monetary policy dovish at the Fed, Yellen then declared on social media:”As Treasury Secretary, I will rebuild everyone’s dream every day.