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Global Observation丨”The world is asking about America’s promise and its value”

   On the 26th local time, two suicide bombings occurred near the Afghan capital Kabul International Airport, killing at least 90 Afghans and 13 US military personnel. U.S. President Biden later stated that the U.S. will attack the Afghan branch of the “Islamic State” that launched the suicide bombing attack, and will continue to withdraw from Afghanistan as planned.


World View · American Deep Camera丨If the truth comes from such “intelligence”, do you believe it?

   More than 90 days ago, U.S. President Biden ordered intelligence agencies to find out the truth about the origin of the new crown virus, and international public opinion was in an uproar. The United States is not only determined to interpret the virus as a “political issue” and dump China, but also hand over such scientific and serious investigations to the intelligence department to complete it within a time limit in the name of the president. Isn’t it too trivial?