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How good is Trump’s mentality? New cases in a single day hit a new high, still insisting that the epidemic will soon disappear

The president also said that although the new cases have reached this terrible level, the country will successfully develop a new crown vaccine, so he will not have any concerns about the current epidemic situation, but he is confident and believes that every American People quickly wait for the vaccine and get themselves immune, and walk on the street without fear.


Kissinger said cruelly:”The United States has lost, no one should think better, especially China”! Has the”post-dollar world” come?

“China Economic Weekly” chief researcher Niu Wenxin 7.14 trillion US dollars-equivalent to 34%of US GDP, which is the size of the US dollar base currency on the Fed’s balance sheet on June 18. If the Fed launched the”unlimited quantitative easing” monetary policy of 4.2 trillion U.S. dollars on March 23, it took approximately 70 days for the U.S. dollar base currency to expand by nearly 3 trillion U.S. dollars, up 70%.


Who gave the courage? U.S. launches visa”war” against China, Trump tragedies, don’t blame China for being polite

Since Trump became president of the United States, Washington’s repression of China has continued to increase. On the one hand, US politicians led by Trump have frequently created various so-called “China threat theories” and carried out slander attacks on China. On the other hand, US warships have repeatedly arrived in the South China Sea and the Taiwan Strait to carry out military provocations against China.