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Documentary film “University” is finalized, focusing on individual life choices and changes in destiny

   Chinanews, June 11th. Today, the movie “University” released a trailer and poster, and announced that it will be screened in theaters nationwide on July 9. The film takes Tsinghua University as the subject, and uses documentary methods to present the different life situations and choices of the four Tsinghua people, recreating the youth and ideals on the university campus.


my college life

My college life is colorful, but it also requires us to grasp and understand. Some people say:”Ordinary college students have the same ordinaryness, but extraordinary universities have their own brilliance.” However, you can choose ordinary, but you can’t choose mediocrity; if you can, I believe everyone wants to be extraordinary. So, how can I make my university life full and meaningful, and how do I take charge of my university life?


Against the US government’s new regulations on visas for international students

China News Service, July 9th, comprehensive Chinese website reported that after Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology announced that they had filed a lawsuit on the new policy for international student visas, on July 8 local time, the University of Southern California, one of the universities with the most international students in the United States, Also announced support for the lawsuit.