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U.S. riots trigger a wave of White House resignations, political internal friction exacerbates social divisions

Xinhua News Agency, Washington, January 7 (International Observation) The US Congress riots triggered the resignation of the White House. Political internal frictions intensified social divisions. Xinhua News Agency reporter Xu Jianmei and Sun Ding Deng Xianlai. Called for the removal of President Trump, the Secretary of Transportation and the Secretary of Education announced their resignations on the same day. Trump said in a speech that day that the new government will take office on time.


After the sudden turmoil in the United States, representatives of 14,000 US companies said:Trump should be laid off immediately

This article is an original article of”Golden Ten Data”. Reprinting without permission is prohibited. Offenders must be investigated. Just six days after 2021, the United States has”something big.” CCTV News reported that on the afternoon of January 6, local time, due to dissatisfaction with Trump’s loss, Trump supporters rushed into the U.S. congressional area and destroyed construction facilities in order to put pressure on the joint congressional meeting that was going on at the time.


American slogans spread all over the world, Western leaders are shocked, and Middle Eastern countries have different attitudes

American slogans spread all over the world, and Western leaders were shocked. The attitudes of the Middle East countries were different. The US riots reacted differently:the Democratic Party condemned, Europe was shocked, and the Middle East countries hit the nail on the head. According to a report from the Global Network, on the afternoon of January 6, local time, a major event occurred in Washington Large-scale riots, Trump supporters rushed into the Capitol, smashed and looted, snatched Pelosi’s chair, clashed with the police, and caused at least one death.


Unrest may break out on election day, Washington seeks to survive

The doors and windows of businesses and office buildings near the White House were locked on Wednesday because of predictions that there might be unrest in the US capital on election day. In many places in the U.S. capital, staff teams are busy in various storefronts. They fix wooden boards on the doors and windows of businesses, hoping to survive the turmoil.


The conflict is escalating! Black Americans were shot again by the police, and the problem of social tearing became more prominent

The riot in the United States was aimed at anti-police, but it did not really affect the behavioral style of the American police. There were still police shootings, many of which were still very controversial, at about 5 pm on August 23, 2020. , Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA, another black American was shot by the police, but he fired 7 shots from behind!


On the streets of the United States, a car blatantly honked its horn and rushed towards the protesters. Gunshots sounded and one person fell to the ground

On July 25th, local time in the United States, such a scene happened in Austin, Texas. A car honked the horn of the crowd and then”deliberately accelerated” towards the protesters. When a protester tried to approach the vehicle, the driver directly The shot was fired, and the man who was shot fell to the ground and died after being sent to a doctor.