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US government agencies are exposed to build an efficient monitoring network! The goal is

Source:the United States, which has launched a global cyber attack on the wechat official account of the world wide web, is comprehensively monitoring the invisible”network” distributed by its people. A report released by a domestic organization in the United States has truly exposed this, and exposed the behind the scenes organization that was previously not noticed by the public:the United States immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ice).


In the 1970s and 1980s, the youth that people miss so much but can’t go back, ran away with tears after watching it

The Post-70s and 80s generation is a hard generation when they grow up, but our childhood and childhood were full of laughter and innocence. However, our children after the 70s and 80s are not short of food and clothing, and even have a very superior life, but they feel all kinds of pressure since childhood. I really want my children to go back to our time to experience our childhood.


China, India and Japan”top three Asian countries” sell US Treasury bonds at a sale:the US economic recession is not expected, but a reality

According to the analysis of Microsoft National Broadcasting Corporation of the United States, out of concern about the U.S. economic recession, China and Japan coincidentally significantly reduced their holdings of U.S. Treasury bonds. Although China and Japan have reduced their holdings of US debt synchronously in time, it is not the joint action of the two countries, but that both countries are not optimistic about the US economic trend and have the same judgment.


Foreign ministry news (July 21, 2022)

Hubei Radio and television reporter:this morning, the China Association for arms control and disarmament and the China nuclear strategic planning and Research Institute jointly released the Research Report”dangerous Conspiracy:the risk of nuclear proliferation of U.S., British and Australian nuclear submarine cooperation”.