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Zinchenko:This is a good opportunity to reach the top of the Premier League. Hope to win all championships this season

Live it, January 20. Manchester City player Zinchenko said in an interview with the media that if he can return to the top of the Premier League, this will bring more confidence to the players, and said that he hopes the team can win all championships this season.”This is a great opportunity for us-to win tomorrow’s game (against Villa) and return to the top of the league table. This will give us more confidence.


No one can define ourselves

“It looks good in pink, and girls should wear pink.””You see Xiao Ming next door studying so late every night, why did you go to bed early.””Look at this child, the skin is so dark, why don’t you usually not be careful.


Biden did not have time to sit on the presidency, bad news came out from Washington again, 27 countries joined forces to sanction the United States

[Editor/Author Strait Life Meeting Column Chu Yang/Yang Yang] Introduction:As the Electoral College confirms Biden after voting, it means that the US general election is finally settled, and Biden will become the official owner of the White House in the near future. Biden finally welcomed congratulations from the presidents of Brazil and Russia.


Chairperson candidate:Everyone has looked for Harvey, the one mentioned every day uses his name

Tiger Fight, December 21, in an interview with the Daily Sports, Barcelona’s presidential candidate Lluís Fernández Alà said:“There is no candidate who has not yet contacted Harvey’s people. We also contacted Harvey. Yes. The candidate who said Harvey every day during this period took advantage of this.”Do you know that you are the least known candidate among the candidates?


Mourinho said the results are attributed to the players:Given that Klopp and I have coached 2,000 to 300 days

Live it December 15th Beijing time at 4:00 am on December 17th, in the 13th round of the Premier League, Tottenham will challenge Liverpool on the road. Both teams currently have 25 points, ranking the top two in the standings. In a press conference before the game, Tottenham coach Mourinho said that he can only praise the players for being able to compete at this level, and revealed that he is very satisfied with what the players have done.


In December, I told Xiao Zhan about love:How much did you love him in the name of chasing stars?

How many people, in the name of star chasing, have quietly moved you sincerely. How many people, with the reason of eating melon, unknowingly put you in their hearts. How many people blamed their initial curiosity, but inexplicably hurt your heart and wet their eyes. How many people come with the crowd just to join in the fun, but inadvertently, just want to stand in front of you desperately and never want to leave.