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Changhong’s brand value reached 173.629 billion yuan and hit a new high

   On June 22, the (18th) “World Brand Conference” hosted by the World Brand Lab was held in Beijing. The 2021 “China’s 500 Most Valuable Brands” analysis report was released at the conference. In this annual report based on financial data, brand strength and consumer behavior analysis, Changhong’s brand value reached RMB 173.629 billion, a new high.


Qu Toutiao was invited to attend the China Brand Forum and was selected as “Excellent Cases of Targeted Poverty Alleviation”

Chinanews.com, December 9th. On the 8th, the 6th China Brand Forum was held in Beijing People’s Daily. The guests carried out in-depth, multi-domain, high-level dialogue and exchanges with the theme of “Chinese Confidence, Brand Power”. At the same time, the “Decisive Battle and Defeat Poverty Alleviation” Precision Poverty Alleviation Forum was held to demonstrate the self-confidence of the big countries and gather brand power. The mobile content platform Qutoutiao has never forgotten its corporate social responsibility in its development. It has continued to spread positive energy with high-quality content services, achieved a number of public welfare innovations, and was selected as an “Excellent Case for Precision Poverty Alleviation”. Qu Toutiao Party Secretary and President Liu Anyi delivered a keynote speech on “Practicing Responsibility and Showing China’s Confidence” at the China Brand Forum·Entrepreneur Summit.


The construction time of the substation for this major Jiangsu project has been reduced by 60%

Source:Junction Point News Client Junction Point News”I thought it would be more efficient, but it was really unexpected to complete the power transmission at this time.” On the morning of November 17th, 110kV Great Wall Honeycomb Power users in Yangzhong City were transferred At the electricity ceremony, Liu Zhiguo, the person in charge of the company, bluntly stated that the work efficiency of the power supply company was”unexpected”.


OriginOS real machine real shot:brand new icon style you have never seen before

Click on the upper right corner to follow us, bringing you the latest and most fashionable technology information every day, so that you can know the big things in the science and technology circle without going out! This afternoon, the new vivo system OriginOS officially debuted. The brand-new desktop design and interaction methods attracted the attention of many netizens. NeochaEDGE also came to the scene for the first time, bringing you real photos of OriginOS.