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More than 110,000 deaths in Italy from the new crown, nearly 20,000 companies are expected to close

   China News Service, April 16 According to the European Union of Italy, citing EUN News Agency, the Italian Ministry of Civil Defence reported on the 15th that 16,974 new confirmed cases and 380 deaths were reported. As of 18:00 on the 15th, Italy has a total of 3,826,156 confirmed cases, 115,937 deaths, and 3,200,196 cured cases across the country. The Rome Enterprise Confederation released a research report on the impact of the epidemic on companies and pointed out that in 2020, the number of new companies in Lazio has decreased by 17%, and the number of closed companies has increased by 18%. It is estimated that by the end of 2021, more than 18,000 companies in the Lazio region will be on the verge of bankruptcy and will be forced to close.


Greece plans to vaccinate 4 million doses by the end of May, will cancel more traveller quarantine regulations

   Chinanews, April 15 According to the Greek “China-Greece Times” report, on the evening of April 14 local time, the Greek National Public Health Organization announced that there were 3,089 new confirmed cases of new crown in Greece in the past 24 hours, and a total of 304,184 cases have been confirmed. There were 81 new deaths that day, with a total of 9135 deaths.


Guangdong launches new crown virus vaccination work supervision

China News Service, Guangzhou, April 13 (Cai Minjie, Cai Liangquan) The Guangdong Provincial Health Commission stated on the 13th that in order to ensure high-quality vaccination work and protect public health, from April 6th to 9th, Guangdong Provincial Health Supervision Institute, Guangdong The Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention jointly carried out inspections of the new coronavirus vaccination work. The joint inspection team was divided into five groups to conduct inspections in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Foshan and Dongguan.


Chinese vaccines enter remote villages on the eastern border of Turkey

   Starting from January this year, Turkey has been vaccinated against China’s new crown vaccine nationwide. Even people in the most remote areas of Turkey are also being vaccinated against China. Recently, the headquarter reporter visited Baskale, a remote town on the eastern border of Turkey. The Chinese Coxing Vaccine is the only new crown vaccine given to the people here. The population of Baskale Township is approximately 50,000, of which 3,500 have completed at least the first dose of vaccination.