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Peru newly diagnosed 611 cases, officials say it is at the lowest point of the second wave of epidemic

   China News Service, July 27. According to Peru’s “Communiqué”, on the 26th local time, there were 611 new confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in Peru, with a total of more than 2.105 million confirmed cases. Peru’s Health Minister Oscar Ugart said that the number of new infections and deaths in the second wave of the epidemic has been reduced to a minimum. However, considering the potential risks of the third wave, the public is still calling on the public to continue to do a good job of prevention.


Japan begins to accept applications for “vaccine passport” holders can be exempted from quarantine in 5 countries

   China News Service, July 26. According to Kyodo News, on the 26th local time, municipalities across Japan began accepting applications for “vaccine passport”. The “vaccine passport” is the official Japanese certificate showing the history of people’s new crown vaccination. If the “vaccine passport” is presented during the entry inspection of the country where the certificate can be used, the public can enjoy preferential measures such as exemption from isolation or PCR testing.


Vaccination slows down due to the rebound of the epidemic Fauci: U.S. fight against the epidemic is in the wrong direction

   China News Service, July 26. According to a comprehensive report, the new crown epidemic in the United States has continued to rebound recently. American infectious disease expert Fauci said on the 25th that due to the slowdown in the rate of vaccination in the United States, the United States is going in the “wrong direction” in combating the new round of epidemics brought about by the delta variant virus.


Hope to provide vaccines in advance. Yoshihide Suga and Pfizer CEO have breakfast and talk for 1 hour

   China News Service, July 23. According to Kyodo News, Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga held talks with American pharmaceutical giant Pfizer CEO (CEO) Eberle at the Guest Hotel in Moto Akasaka, Tokyo on the 23rd. In view of rising concerns about the supply of new crown vaccines in Japan, Yoshihide Suga asked Pfizer to advance the supply of vaccines that were originally scheduled for after October.