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Greece will resume more economic activities, with vaccine to cover all adults by July

Chinanews.com, May 7th. According to the Greek “China-Greece Times” report, on the evening of May 6, local time, the National Public Health Organization of Greece announced that in the past 24 hours, Greece had 3,421 new confirmed cases of new crowns, with a total of 355,445 confirmed cases. ; There were 83 new deaths, with a total of 10847 deaths.


The cumulative number of confirmed cases in Brazil exceeds 15 million, and the Minister of Health says vaccination is the key to fighting the epidemic

China News Agency, Sao Paulo, May 6 (Reporter Mo Chengxiong) According to data released by the Brazilian Ministry of Health at 19:00 on the 6th local time, there were 73,380 newly diagnosed cases of new coronary pneumonia in Brazil that day, and the cumulative number of confirmed cases exceeded 15 million, reaching 1,503,563; There were 2550 new deaths and a total of 416,949 deaths; a total of 13591335 cases were cured.


The United States says it will abandon the vaccine patent citation debate. What does this move mean?

Chinanews, May 7th, a comprehensive report, the US Biden government announced on the 5th that it supports abandoning the intellectual property protection of the new crown vaccine. This decision aroused dissatisfaction in the pharmaceutical industry and criticized Washington’s decision as “wrong” and “disappointing.” , And began to lobby all parties to narrow the scope of the exemption during the negotiation. Germany also issued a statement contrary to the United States on the 6th, saying that this move would cause “serious trouble.”


The United States will abandon vaccine patents, but there are still many problems with expanding vaccine production…

   Chinanews, May 6 According to a report from the US Chinese website, the Biden administration of the United States announced on the 5th that it supports abandoning the protection of intellectual property rights for the new crown vaccine in order to expand global vaccination. Some analysts say that this is an important measure for the United States to participate in international vaccine cooperation. However, some people say that vaccine patents are not the main obstacle to more vaccines in low- and middle-income countries; some people also claim that such agreements may undermine the motivation of companies to innovate.


India’s emergency vaccination plan blocked, U.S. announces travel ban on India

   Chinanews, May 1st. According to a comprehensive report, the new crown epidemic in India continues to spread, and the number of new confirmed cases in a single day has reached a new high for several days. On May 1, India will start the next vaccination plan, but the vaccination work is blocked due to insufficient vaccine stocks. In addition, the US government stated that it will impose travel restrictions on India.


US media: The epidemic may cause more children to be infected

   As of the evening of the 26th local time, the cumulative number of confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in the United States is approaching 32.12 million, with more than 570,000 deaths. At present, the United States is still the country with the largest cumulative number of confirmed cases and deaths in the world. On the same day, American media reported that some experts were worried that the epidemic might cause more American children to be infected by the impact of students returning to school.