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Nearly 20 million people have been diagnosed worldwide, and the WHO says that the cost of vaccines may exceed 100 billion! China has taken the lead in donating

According to the latest report of Jiemian News on August 10, the World Health Organization revealed on Monday that the cumulative number of confirmed new crowns worldwide will reach 20 million within this week, and the death toll will reach 750,000. Among them, as the epicenter of the global epidemic, the cumulative number of confirmed diagnoses in the United States is more than a quarter of the global total.


Canada is the first to order vaccines from two major American pharmaceutical companies! In the global vaccine competition, where does China rank?

At the beginning of July, the United States aggressively bought out 90%of the anti-epidemic”magic drug” Remdesivir. At the end of the same month, it also spent close to 2 billion US dollars to purchase 100 million doses of vaccines from the two major pharmaceutical giants in an attempt to”capture” the vaccine; However, the United States'”grab drugs and vaccines” have also caused dissatisfaction in many economies, including Canada.