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The Japanese freshman becomes a”powerful man”? How do”foreign names” domestic products break through

According to Tianyan Check, the related companies include Yuanqi Forest Beverage Co., Ltd., Yuanqi Forest Beverage Co., Ltd., Yuanqi Forest Beverage Co., Ltd., etc. It can be seen that their bosses have a preference for the four characters”Yuanqi Forest”. Once I took such a down-to-earth, market-oriented name, without letting people think about it, has the ever-unfavorable”foreign elements” finally unable to carry goods?”earth guns” are replaced by”cannons”. Business marketing often uses”foreign elements” During the more than 40 years of reform and opening up, the consumption preferences and aesthetic trends of Chinese people have been constantly changing, and the marketing methods of businesses have also been adapted to the”time”. When people like”foreign elements”, they add some to the product.


6 projects settled in the central vitality area of ​​Rizhao

On the morning of September 25th, the signing ceremony of the “Double Recruitment and Double Entries” project in the central vitality area of ​​Rizhao was held at the Planning and Exhibition Center of the vitality area. There were 6 projects including Shandong Happy Time, Shandong Metallurgical Design, Qingdao Yuyou Trade, and Yantai Yonghui Xianghai Treasures. The project is contracted collectively.


Dongyu Zhou’s vitality girl wears, it’s simply too charming

Dongyu Zhou, who was on fire again after”Later Us”, is still a young girl full of energy, and even wearing it is full of vitality and vitality. Say goodbye to the gorgeous costumes, put on the energetic girly outfit, and release yourself and brighten your youth with the clean, translucent, close and lovely Dongyu Zhou.


Global satellites have discovered that the earth suddenly became clean and abnormal, the reason seems to be humans

There are many satellites floating above the earth where we live. Most of these satellites were launched by the United States, China and Russia. The purpose of each satellite is different. Some satellites are used to predict the climate. Some satellites are to protect any country in the world, but the purpose of the most satellites should still be to monitor, whether it is to monitor the earth or outer space, it is to let people