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Vogel:James and Davis are a natural pair

Bam Adebayor is out due to injury. Speaking of defending the Heat’s inside shooter, Vogel said:”This must be a different challenge than defending Bam’s stance.” Vogel said:”Their example There are too many to mention. In the face of different challenges, someone will always come forward next.”


Vogel:The team encountered a traffic jam on the way to the game, it didn’t feel like a normal finals

Before the game, Lakers coach Vogel was interviewed. He revealed that the team encountered a traffic jam on the way to the game because they encountered a group of”soccer moms” going to another championship. Vogel said that it felt completely different. Like the normal finals. The term”soccer mom” refers to middle-class women in North America. They generally live in the suburbs and spend a lot of time picking up their children to participate in extracurricular activities such as football.


Vogel:Davis has a sore ankle, but he can play

Before today’s game, head coach Frank Vogel told reporters that Davis had a sore ankle, but he could play today. LeBron James has won 15 of the past 16 knockout games. Vogel said:“LeBron’s knockout experience is very valuable and I expect everyone to rely on it. His ability to set the tone is not inferior to anyone. Better vitality.”