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Vogel:Anthony Davis is the league’s most talented defender

Live broadcast, August 4th. The Lakers Jazz just finished the regular season. In the end, the Lakers defeated their opponent 116-108 and locked the first place in the Western Conference. Lakers coach Vogel also accepted media interviews after the game. Vogel said:”Anthony Davis is the most talented defender in the league, and he proves it to us every night.


Vogel talks about locking first in the West:enjoying the moment, but the team’s goal is more than that

Live broadcast, August 4th. Today, the Lakers won 116-108 against the Jazz, with 51 wins and 15 losses, and locked first place in the Western Conference. After the game, Lakers coach Vogel said in an interview that the team’s goal is more than that. Vogel said:”We locked in the division first in advance, which shows that the team is establishing the right habit. Maintaining this habit is helpful for the playoffs. Obviously we have a bigger goal than this, and this achievement is of course. To be proud of.


Markieff Morris will arrive in Orlando today

Lakers head coach Frank Vogel confirmed to reporters that Markieff Morris has complied with the policies of the Los Angeles area and is leaving for Orlando. Several reporters previously reported that Morris will leave for Disney’s quarter-final park today and be quarantined.