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Former Chinese women’s volleyball coach Han Yunbo dies

[Former Chinese women’s volleyball coach Han Yunbo passed away] On the 5th, the Chinese Volleyball Association issued a message of condolences. The former Chinese women’s volleyball coach Han Yunbo passed away on January 3 at the age of 86. The Chinese Volleyball Association stated:”Comrade Han Yunbo has served as the coach of the Bayi Women’s Volleyball and Chinese Women’s Volleyball Team and has trained a large number of outstanding women volleyball players for the country.


Chinese women’s volleyball team locks first in the year-end world

Yesterday the FIVB announced the final 2020 national team world rankings. In terms of women’s volleyball, compared with the previous period, the top four in the world have not changed. The Chinese women’s volleyball team continues to top the list with 391 points, securing the world’s number one at the end of 2020. throne! The United States ranked second with 382 points, Brazil third, Italy fourth, and Turkey surpassed Serbia to rise to fifth.


Lianyungang women’s volleyball team crowned”double crown king” sonorous rose blooming in the provincial stadium

It is reported that after winning the championship of the 8th National Fitness Games of Jiangsu Province a month ago, the Lianyungang Women’s Air Volleyball Team once again won a record of victory without losing a game and successfully crowned the first youth team of Jiangsu Province and the second session.”Double Champion” in the Group Gas Volleyball Championship.


Chinese women’s volleyball veteran Li Chunlan dies

Li Chunlan, the veteran of Chinese women’s volleyball team, passed away. The official website of the Chinese Volleyball Association issued a message of condolences. In the 1960s, Li Chunlan, an outstanding representative of Chinese women’s volleyball players and former vice chairman of the Chinese Volleyball Association, passed away on October 30. In 1965, Li Chunlan followed the Shandong women’s volleyball team to accept it. Special training by Dasong Bowen coach.