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Shanghai Puxi seal control: Taiwan mother and daughter send love to community volunteers in advance

Pan Jianpu’s mother and daughter and their public welfare partners transported materials to the neighborhood committee, photographed by Zhang Jian

Beijing, Shanghai, April 1 (Zhang Jian) – at about 6 p.m. on March 31, in front of the neighborhood committee of Thames Town, Songjiang District, Shanghai, several staff members were carrying down the materials on the van. In the early morning of April 1, Shanghai Puxi area implemented closure management, and the neighborhood committee is recruiting 100 volunteers to provide services for residents in the next closure period. After pan Jianpu from Taiwan learned the news, the joint public welfare team sent love materials to the volunteers. Pan Jianpu introduced to the reporter while carrying materials: “we have 100 volunteers registered in Thames Town. They need some snacks and dry food to maintain their physical strength, so I finished 20 boxes of mineral water, 24 boxes of Nang in Xinjiang and 20 boxes of grassland biscuits at a fast speed last night.”


Protect people’s “medicine cans” in Shanghai: Volunteers become “flash delivery personnel” for dispensing drugs

After knowing the drug needs of community residents, hospital volunteers became community dispensing “flashers”. Xu Lanqing

Shanghai, March novel coronavirus pneumonia (Xinhua Chen Jing) recently, in recent years, Shanghai new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control is in a critical period, many residential areas in Shanghai have implemented 24 nucleic acid screening control. This makes many residents, especially the elderly, anxious because they are unable to go out to dispense medicine. How to solve the problem of “medicine jar” for chronic patients and enable critical patients to be treated in time? Government departments at all levels, communities and hospitals in Shanghai are using their brains and making continuous efforts.


How warm is the Beijing winter Paralympic Games? Look at these details and you’ll know

Beijing, March 8 (Liu Xingchen) “welcome to the national alpine skiing center.” Before the daily alpine skiing competition of the Beijing winter Paralympic Games, the on-site host will always say this opening sentence with emotion. The venue, known as “snow flying swallow”, seems to be filled with a bit of enthusiasm even in the air. And the people in it can always feel warm and happy.


Hengqin established a volunteer team for people’s livelihood, and many Macao volunteers joined

Beijing, Zhuhai, March 4 (Deng Yuanwen, Hua Yan) Hengqin people’s livelihood volunteer team was officially established on the 4th. The team consists of 15 volunteer service teams in four fields: education, health, culture and sports and social security. The first batch of members is more than 600, which has attracted many Macao social workers and foreign teachers. They will actively give full play to their own characteristics and advantages and professional talents to improve the level of people’s livelihood service security system in the cooperation zone.