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Carnival animation “Wolfwalker” will introduce and release Chinese posters

   The latest masterpiece “Wolfwalker” from the cartoon salon of the Irish national treasure-level animation studio, known as “Hayao Miyazaki in Europe”, which lasted for five years, is finally coming to the mainland movie theaters in the strong anticipation of domestic movie fans! This is an animated film produced by the best teams at home and abroad, and it is also a movie that you can’t miss this year and can be immersed in the theater to enjoy the audiovisual feast.


The Rockets and Pacers deal is likely to be completed on Saturday local time

Tiger Fighting, January 16 According to a report by”Houston Chronicle” reporter Jonathan Fagan, a source with knowledge of the situation revealed that the Rockets and Pacers transaction is believed to be completed on Saturday local time. The Rockets had previously reached a deal with the Pacers to send Caris Le Verre to Victor Oladipo. It is still unclear whether Oladipo can complete the physical examination in time to participate in tomorrow’s game.


roller coaster! Smart steals a layup and overtakes the score

Live it on December 28. In the just-concluded regular season, the Pacers narrowly beat the Celtics. At the end of the game, the Pacers led by 3 points. Tatum made two fouls and made two free throws. After that, the Celtics successfully intercepted the ball with three of them. Then Sabonis made a strong layup and fouled. The Pacers once again overtook the score, but they failed to make a free throw.


New York reporter:Angie asks the Pacers for Warren and Aaron Holiday

Live broadcast, November 22 According to previous reports, Hayward was willing to go to the Pacers with a lower contract, but failed because Angie wanted too many chips for the signing. According to New York reporter Ian Begley, the Celtics manager Angie asked the Pacers for TJ Warren and Aaron Holiday, but the Pacers were unwilling to give away these two players. Previously, reporters reported that what the Green Army wanted was Pacers center Miles Turner.


Stein:McMillan is about to sign with the Eagles to join the team’s coaching staff

Live it, November 5 According to the name Marc Stein, the source revealed that former Pacers coach McMillan is about to sign with the Eagles and he will join the team’s coaching staff as an assistant. According to previous reports, McMillan also negotiated an assistantship contract with the Rockets. McMillan took over the Pacers in the 2016-17 season and since then he led the team to a record of 183 wins and 136 losses.