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Tianyancha assists the documentary “Chinese Background” to provide professional information and data

   Chinanews, April 9th. Since the end of February, the eight-episode large-scale documentary “The Color of China” has been broadcast on the CCTV news new media platform and multiple social media platforms, which has attracted widespread attention. As a co-producer, Tianyancha provides professional and reliable information and data, from the micro to the macro, and together with CCTV news to paint the background of China, reflecting the broad picture of the vitality of the new era and new pattern.


Online education rankings have begun, and my country added more than 21,000 online education companies in the third quarter of this year

Source:World Wide Web [Global Online Education Comprehensive Reporter Chen Quan] According to”LatePost” report, Yuandaodao completed the G2 round of 1 billion US dollars financing, DST Global led the investment, 7-8 investment institutions followed the investment, the post-investment valuation will be Reached 15.5 billion US dollars. With the help of capital, the top enterprise ranking battle has started.


Blockchain has become a new professional favorite, with more than 40,000 domestic related companies, more than half in Guangdong

The Beijing News Shell Finance News recently, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Affairs and other three departments jointly released nine new occupations, two of which are related to the hot blockchain in recent years, namely”blockchain engineering technicians” and” Blockchain application operator.” According to the data of the company’s search, there are currently 45,600 blockchain-related enterprises in my country, of which more than 40,000 are still in business, of which Guangdong Province accounts for 52.5%.