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Love can’t be blocked! Under the epidemic, Australian newlyweds hold air weddings

   Chinanews, February 24th. According to a report from Australia.com, many people have a perfect wedding in their dreams while looking forward to marriage. A few days ago, a newlywed couple from Melbourne, Australia, even though they were hampered by the new crown epidemic, they still held an extraordinary wedding at an altitude of 40,000 feet, demonstrating that “love can never be blocked.”


A wedding in Washington State in the United States has become a”super spreading incident” that has infected about 40 people

(Fighting against New Coronary Pneumonia) A wedding in Washington State, the United States has become a”super spreading incident” and has infected about 40 people. China News Service, San Francisco, November 17th. US media reported on the 17th local time that it was held in Washington State on November 7 A wedding in China became a “super spreading incident” of the new crown virus, which has resulted in about 40 people being diagnosed and “two subsequent viral outbreaks”.