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Weilai ideal Xiaopeng hand in answer sheet:Tesla in every question

Shenrancaijing (shenrancaijing) original author | Jin Yunpi edited by Su Qi | Wei Jia under the high light, a short-selling agency Citron’s paper report, let the outside world re-examine the company of Weilai, ideal and Xiaopeng were also”back to their original shape” . On November 13, Weilai, Ideal and Xiaopeng were all listed in the top 10 US stocks by turnover.


The largest U.S. pension fund increases its position in the third quarter

(Observer News) On November 13, China concept stocks ushered in a historic day in the US stock trading market:five Chinese companies won half of the top 10 US stock market turnover on that day. Among them, the Chinese electric vehicle company NIO (NIO) won the top spot, with turnover even exceeding the combined turnover of Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft. In fact, the Chinese concept stock Weilai has another highlight this month.