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“Upper Queen” Deng Wendi:Rumored with Putin, Trump’s daughter Ivanka is her best friend

An ordinary-looking, dark-skinned woman was able to top the list of the world’s top ten super-rich wives in 2010, and was listed in the world’s top ten top rich wives the following year, and appeared in fifth place. There are many suitors in his life, and all of them have extraordinary backgrounds. They have also been rumored with former British Prime Minister Blair. Not only that, Putin has an affair with her.


52-year-old Wendi Deng is stunning in winter, wearing a pleated skirt with a translucent jacket, tough and cold resistant

Wendi Deng relied on her own strength to compose a luxurious chapter of a legendary Chinese woman. She worked hard in the United States with bare hands, turning the media tycoon Murdoch into her second husband, and also received a huge amount of fortune from her husband. It is said that a large courtyard house in Beijing is exactly the divorce compensation gift Murdoch presented to her.


Wendi Deng Cleopatra looks unrecognizable! The face is stiff and the cheeks sunken, but Xiao Xianrou scrambles for a photo

Although Wendi Deng and Murdoch are now divorced, she has managed her business well. Not only does she have outstanding fashion taste, but she also has a lot of friendship with many stars in the circle, even the first lady in the United States. Ivanka, also her good girlfriend, really has to admire her social skills, and recently, she appeared in a fashion event Cleopatra model has once again refreshed the netizens’ recognition of her.