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Alar City, First Division of Xinjiang Corps: Pollution control “combined fist” turns “pollution-receiving pond” into an ecological wetland

China News Service, Urumqi, March 29 (Yan Wenlu, Qi Yaping and Li Tao) “After more than two years of hard work, at present, the original pollution-free treatment and ecological restoration projects of Alarna sewage ponds have been completed and passed the inspection and acceptance. In the desert On the edge, an ecological wetland has taken shape.” Wang Guopeng, deputy director of the Alar City Ecological Environment Bureau, the First Division of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, said in an interview with reporters recently.


Laohekou, Hubei: Flocks of Red-headed Gulls in National Wetland Park

   China News Service, Xiangyang, January 23 (Zhao Erling and Hu Chuanlin) In the past few days, hundreds of red-headed gulls have ushered in waters near the Xipaizi Lake National Wetland Park in Laohekou, Hubei. They either chase on the water or hover in the sky, becoming a landscape on a cold winter day.


Run, ignite the passion of the city

Ren Lihong, a contestant from Xiaoyi, told the author, “This event is a great run for us to exchange feelings and enhance friendship. It is also a demonstration of the healthy, progressive, hardworking, and persistent spirit of our Xiaoyi runners. Marathon lover, I am very lucky to live in this city and have witnessed her earth-shaking changes in recent years. Every time I run in Shengxi Lake Forest Park and Xiaohe Wetland Park, I feel very happy looking at the beautiful scenery in front of me. .