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Dozens of whales stranded on New Zealand beach, more than 60 people participated in rescue

China News Service, February 22. According to the “Central News Agency” report, the New Zealand Ministry of Conservation said that on the morning of the 22nd local time, someone found 49 heads in Fairwell Sha Tsui, about 90 kilometers north of Nelson, a tourist town on the South Island of New Zealand. The fin pilot whale ran aground. Rescuers are trying to rescue them as soon as possible.


Dutch city rail train derails, fortunately to be”lifted” by the whale statue

On November 2, in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, an urban rail train broke out of the track. Xinhua News Agency/Reuters Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, November 3 (Reporter Wang Xinfang) An urban rail train in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, accidentally rushed out of the track early in the morning on the 2nd local time. Fortunately, it was stopped by a giant whale statue nearby and stopped on the tail of the whale. No one was injured in the accident.


Lifeguards photographed great white sharks devouring five-meter-long whales

Recently, a lifeguard in the United States photographed a great white shark devouring a five-meter-long whale. Jack Corral is a lifeguard in Long Island Beach, New York. He and a colleague were on duty when they suddenly noticed a whale floating on the water with their backs facing down in the distance. So they took a lifeboat to check, but they did not expect a big white The shark is biting the dead whale.