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Dislike Chinese mahjong as boring or ugly, Americans invented”white mahjong”?

[Article/Observer.com Ruan Jiaqi] The overseas Chinese have blown up their hair in the past two days, because of this”Mahjong” that looks different. This is a”white mahjong” redesigned by a company in the United States. The cards and the rules of the game have been changed. It is said to be more in line with”the aesthetics and habits of the new generation of Americans”, and the cheapest set has a price as high as More than $300.


The black South Africans commit crimes frantically, and the whites are tortured and killed one after another. They have no choice but to protest:the life of the white is also the life

When black people all over the world are fighting against racism and hating their enemies, they set off a wave of massive protests and marches, one place presents the completely opposite scene:the black people are above the top and the white people are in a miserable situation, and they have not only become politically statusless. Many lower-class whites even had to call for the right to survive. This is one of the former developed countries:South Africa.