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F1 Grand Prix in Turkey ended, Hamilton came from behind to win

The Turkish race of the F1 Grand Prix came to an end. Hamilton, who was on the 6th grid, came from behind to win the championship. He also won this year’s world championship three races ahead of schedule. It was also the seventh time in his career that he won the championship, tying the record set by Schumacher.


American man wins jackpot by buying lottery twice in a year

A man from Nebraska, USA, bought lottery tickets twice in a year and won a prize totaling $150,000. CNN reported on the 24th that the man named Michael Christiansen bought a 20X Money scratch-off lottery ticket in October and won a prize of $100,000. He received the prize on the 15th.


Three scientists won Nobel Prizes for research on black holes

On October 6, in Stockholm, Sweden, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences announced the 2020 Nobel Prize in Physics. The permanent secretary of the Royal Academy of Sciences, Goran Hansson, first apologized to the media who could not report on the spot due to the new crown epidemic and explained that the delay was due to contact with the winners.


Just now, the Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to Hawking’s comrades! Black holes”absorb” all bonuses

The three Nobel Prize winners in physics shared this year’s Nobel Prize in Physics for their discovery of one of the most bizarre phenomena in the universe-black holes. In January 1965, 10 years after Einstein’s death, Penrose proved that black holes can indeed form, and described them in detail:In the core of the black hole, there is a singularity hidden, in this singularity, all known The laws of nature ceased.


Parallel bar king Zou Jingyuan accidentally missed, losing the championship of men’s parallel bars

On September 28, Beijing time, the final five individual events of the 2020 National Gymnastics Championships were held. Zhejiang teenager Guan Chenchen won the women’s balance beam gold medal with a brilliant performance, and Beijing rookie Qi Qi won the women’s floor exercise championship with a steady performance. , This is the second gold medal she won in this competition.