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Legendary Paraguayan goalkeeper announced to run for president 3 times and was elected the world’s best goalkeeper

Chinanews, December 25. Recently, Paraguayan legendary goalkeeper Chilavert posted a poster on his social media account, officially announcing his participation in the 2023 Paraguayan presidential election. Image source:Chilavert social account. The 55-year-old Chilavert player era is a goalkeeper with excellent positioning footwork. He has scored 67 goals in his career and scored 8 goals in 74 appearances for the Paraguay national team.


The legendary goalkeeper Chilavert announced his candidacy for the president of Paraguay. He was troubled by the drug lords.

Paraguay local time on December 25th, legendary goalkeeper Chilavert announced on the social platform that he will participate in the Paraguay presidential election in 2023. On the campaign posters released by Chilavert, his campaign slogan was”Proud to be a Paraguayan”. Chilavert, 55 years old this year, claimed in the player era that he would run for the president of Paraguay after he retired.


Witsel:Forget the victory, the last decisive battle is about to be staged, keep a high degree of concentration

On November 15th, local time, Belgium beat England 2-0 in the UEFA Europa League, opening the points gap. Midfielder Witsel updated his social media updates after the game. He said that the team is close to the promotion. A step away. Belgium can advance as long as it doesn’t lose in the last game. Witsel’s interception in the midfield is very important. Witsel and Harry Kane compete for the ball.


Lock the championship in advance! No matter who wins, Waiters will win a championship ring

Live broadcast, September 28. In the just-concluded Eastern Conference finals G6, the Heat defeated the Celtics and advanced 4-2 by a big score. The finals will play against the Lakers. This season, Waiters played 3 regular season games for the Heat, and then signed with the Lakers on March 6 this year until the end of the season. He has played 5 times in the playoffs so far.