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China’s rock climbing natural rock wall finals show contestants bravely climb the cliff of Kuimen in the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River

Beijing, Chongqing, December 5 (Xiao Jiangchuan) on the afternoon of the 5th, the 2021 China rock climbing natural cliff series (Chongqing Fengjie station) and the annual finals came to an end in Qutang Gorge Scenic Spot, Baidi City, Fengjie County, Chongqing. After fierce competition, Huang Xiaolong and Ke Xiaohui finally won the men’s and women’s Champions in the open group of this station, and Chen Xin and Qin Peiying won the men’s and women’s Champions in the professional group.


YYDS! You can always trust the Chinese team!

   If the “family portrait” is also divided into different positions, then this cartoonist’s hand-painted family portrait of the Chinese gold medalists in the Tokyo Olympics must be the “king”. The cute and burning comics will take you back to the two consecutive weeks of turmoil and joy.


What does the saying”If you don’t comb your hair at night, don’t talk about dreams”, what is the meaning of dreams and can’t be said

There is a saying in”Bodhisattva Man”:”The hills overlapped with the golden light, the clouds in the temples want to burn the cheeks and the snow. I am lazy to draw the eyebrows, and it is too late to clean up.” This common saying is”If you don’t comb your hair at night, you will not talk about dreams sooner.” I believe a lot. Everyone has heard of it.