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Women’s China Tour Signs Big Vision to Integrate with International Tour Business Development System

Various masters participating in the women’s China Tour. Wang Wei Photo courtesy of the masters participating in the Women’s China Tour. Photo courtesy of Wang Weixin.com, Beijing, December 16th. China Women’s Professional Golf Tour (referred to as:Women’s Central Tour) on the 16th and the professional golf rangefinder brand Best Vision Golf announced the signing of a tour-level sponsorship agreement. Nenggolf became the first officially designated rangefinder in the history of women’s Chinese tour.


Domestic violence cases increased sharply during the lockdown period, and countries around the world ushered in”Eliminate Violence against Women Day”

Source:Global Times [Global Times reporter Zhang Jidan]”No country can escape the new crown virus, and no country can avoid the scourge of domestic violence.” November 25 is”International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women”, according to the official website of UN Women It is reported that the theme of the”International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women” is”Orange Lights the World:Funding, Response, Prevention, and Data Collection”.


The national karate championship finals ended. Yin Xiaoyan, Gong Li and Li Ranran won the championship

Xinhua News Agency, Taiyuan, November 20 (Reporter Liu Yangtao) The 2020 National Karate Championship Finals came to an end on the 20th at Shanxi Sports Center. Chinese karate team athletes Yin Xiaoyan, Gong Li, and Li Ranran won gold medals in their respective levels of individual teamwork events. In the men’s individual competition, the Guangdong team’s mother Shike successfully won the championship with comprehensive and stable technology. Liao Yilin of the Beijing team won the women’s individual championship.


During the UN General Assembly meeting, Pompeo once again spread rumors to smear China, and the viciousness of his words penetrated the bottom line, but he did not realize that the hat held on China was the weakness of the United States.

On October 1, US Secretary of State Pompeo issued a statement at the UN General Assembly’s high-level meeting to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the World Women’s Council in Beijing. He issued a statement accusing China of “compulsory abortion” and “sterilization” of Uyghur women and “suppressing” women’s freedom of speech. And freedom of association. Hua Chunying, spokesperson of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, severely refuted this. In recent months,”compulsory sterilization” has become a high-frequency word in the international Xinjiang-related public opinion field. This sensational vocabulary can make people shudder at first glance. As everyone knows, this set of rhetoric is based entirely on lies, and is a new hype gimmick concocted by Western countries after the topic of”forced labor” in Xinjiang.”Compulsory sterilization” comes from a Xinjiang-related research report published by anti-China scholar Zheng Guoen at the end of June.


Hua Chunying said Pompeo:Did you forget it so soon?

Q:On October 1, US Secretary of State Pompeo issued a statement at the UN General Assembly’s high-level meeting to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Beijing World Women’s Conference. He criticized China for compulsory abortion and sterilization of Uyghur women and suppressed women’s freedom of speech and association. ,What is China’s comment?