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2020, the world bid farewell to a legend in sports, their stories will continue to be celebrated

2020 is a special year. The new crown epidemic has disrupted people’s lives and has also made the sports world experience ups and downs. This is also a year full of sorrow, many sports legends have passed away, and they have left their brilliant achievements and beautiful past. There is always a final chapter in the brilliant poems. The man is dead and the memories are still there.


(Sports·International Football) Qatar unveils another new stadium for the World Cup

Xinhua News Agency, Doha, December 18-On the occasion of the second anniversary of the countdown to the 2022 World Cup finals in Qatar, the Qatar World Cup Organizing Committee announced on the 18th that the new World Cup Stadium Ahmed Ben Ali Stadium (abbreviated as”ABA Stadium”) has been opened use. The stadium is located in Ruiyang and will be the home of the local Ruiyang Football Club in the future, with a capacity of 40,000 people.


On the day of”Golden Boy” Rossi’s funeral, his watch and cash were stolen from his Italian home

Rossi lifted the World Cup trophy. According to the BBC on the 13th, citing Italian media reports, on the day of the funeral of the Italian football star Paul Rossi on the 12th, his home in Tuscany was stolen. According to the Italian news agency ANSA, Rossi’s wife Federica Cappelletti returned to her home in Tuscany after attending her husband’s funeral, and found that someone had broken into the house. Rossi’s watch and cash were both Theft.


Italian football legend Rossi dies

Morning News News 2020 is about to pass, but the bad news of world football is still coming. After the death of Maradona, Argentine hero Savilia just passed away due to illness. Today, the Italian football superstar Paulo Rossi is also gone. On December 9, local time, the legendary Italian superstar Rossi died at the age of 64. Born in 1956, Rossi is an Italian player of the same age as Maradona, and has the reputation of”Golden Boy”.


Heartache! Say goodbye to the two kings in 14 days! Rummenigge, Platini, Zico, Kempes, how about the superstars that the 70s fans have chased?

The 60-year-old Argentine football king Maradona has just passed away two weeks, and the Italian striker Paul Rossi, known as the”first-generation golden boy”, also passed away. According to many authoritative Italian media reports, Rossi’s wife Cappelletti revealed that Paul Rossi died of illness on December 9th, local time in Italy, at the age of 64.