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In the history of the world cup, there was a team that won the first place in the group, but its goal difference in three games was unexpectedly negative

In the history of the world cup, the team that can get the first place in the group can be divided into two situations. First, the team with the strongest strength gets the first place in the group, which is normal; The most classic example is Costa Rica in the 2014 World Cup. They were in the same group as England, Italy and Uruguay, but finally won the first place in the group.


Qatar world cup qualifier results changed? Asian team may be replaced by Peru with key evidence

It has been several days since the preliminaries of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. However, this year’s preliminaries have been revived by Peru, which ranks fifth in South America. They have mastered key evidence and hope that FIFA will kick Australia, which ranks fourth in Asia, out of the world cup so that they can enter the world cup as substitutes. Is it possible that if six Asian record breaking teams participate in the world cup together, Peru will magically turn the six teams into five, Is this script really going to be magically staged?


World Cup top 32 confirmed 31 seats! Australia eliminated the fifth place in South America, leaving only one suspense to be solved

Australia failed to qualify in the Asian region ahead of time, but it won the third place in group B and the opportunity to compete with the United Arab Emirates for the qualification of the intercontinental playoff. As a result, Australia beat the United Arab Emirates to advance to the playoff, and its opponent was Peru, which ranked fifth in South America.