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CSL 4 news! Wu Lei cut his salary and returned home. Oscar or no ball to play. The second stage schedule came out

This morning, Spanish media revealed that Wu Lei would return to his old employer Shanghai seaport to end his overseas career. At present, the contract is under negotiation. It has to be said that Wu Lei is a true love for football. Although he failed to fulfill his childhood promise, looking at his overseas experience, he chose to reduce his salary when the domestic environment was very good at that time, gave up his rich domestic salary, and then chose to reduce his salary and return to China after he was blocked from studying abroad, so that he could maintain his state and play for his country in the future.


Wu Lei and Xia Chuang return to Shanghai seaport

Yesterday, Spanish”as” newspaper and other media disclosed that Wu Lei, the Spaniard and Shanghai seaport club had been negotiating for a week. Not surprisingly, Wu Lei would end his overseas trip and return to Shanghai seaport.


Harbour competition and hope? Oscar is about to leave the team, and Western media revealed that Wu Lei is about to return

On July 27, Beijing time, according to Spanish media reports, Wu Lei, who had previously missed the Spaniard’s first pre-season warm-up match, was negotiating with Haigang, and the Spaniard was likely to return Wu Lei to the CSL. Wu Lei’s trip to La Liga officially ended after three and a half years. Wu Lei stayed abroad after the Asian Cup in early 2019, joined the Spanish team Spaniard with Chinese background, and then played for the Spaniard for three and a half seasons.


La Liga:Congratulations, Wu Lei! Spaniard sale winger, martial arts King:Here’s the chance

The Spaniard is preparing to reduce the lineup this summer, but it is good news for Wu Lei. The winger embarba in the team has a”unique style”. The top management of the Spaniard decided to put him into the transfer market. His value is estimated at 10million euros. In this way, Wu Lei will reduce a competitor. For the”king of martial arts”, he has the opportunity to prove his strength.


Goodbye to the Spaniard. It is revealed that Wu Lei has received an offer from a Serie A giants, which also suggests that he will leave the team

At present, La Liga is still in the off-season. During this off-season, the Spaniard is definitely one of the teams with the largest personnel changes in La Liga. First, they adjusted the position of the head coach. Moreno was dismissed, Martinez became the new head coach of the team, and the other three rented players, moranes, Herrera and moron, will also return to their old club. The contracts of several key players have expired, including Diego Lopez According to the reports of Spanish media, the team does not intend to renew their contracts with the players such as melendo and merry.