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Wu Lei looks back on the two world preliminaries: recognize the gap and will not lose confidence

   Chinanews client, September 9th, 2022 Qatar World Cup qualifiers in the Asian region of the top 12 matches, the Chinese men’s football team lost to Australia and Japan one after another, suffered two consecutive losses. Chinese player Wu Lei said in a recent post that he recognized the gap through these two games, but the whole team will not lose confidence because of this.


Refused to”arithmetic problems” the national football attack on Syria

Source:Beijing Youth Daily at 2 a.m. Beijing time on the 16th, the Chinese men’s football team will face the last opponent of the Qatar World Cup Asian Top 40 at the Sharjah Stadium in the United Arab Emirates. Under the background of rejecting all kinds of noise interference and”arithmetic problems”, the national football team has always taken the victory of the Syrian team as the only goal of the top 40 final match.


National Football News:Li Tie or the top three forwards attack Syria, Wu Lei is expected to break Yang Xu’s scoring record

There are less than 24 hours left before the top 40 of the World Preliminaries between the national football team and Syria. This game is related to whether the national football team can enter the top 12 matches. As long as the national football team draws against the opponent, the national football team can steadily advance, but the goal of the team is not For a draw, but to win. 1.


In the past year, Wu Lei’s value has shrunk by more than half and still ranks first among Chinese players

The German transfer market website has recently updated player prices. Wu Lei, who plays for the Spanish second league team, is currently worth 3.6 million pounds (approximately 4 million euros). Recently, it has shown a continuous downward trend. His net worth has shrunk by 6 million euros in the past year. Wu Lei’s worth trend Since going to Spain to play, Wu Lei’s worth in the transfer market has shown a continuous rise, reaching the level of tens of millions of euros at the end of 2019.


Germany:Wu Lei’s value fell to 4 million euros

[German transfer:Wu Lei’s value fell to 4 million euros] On January 9th, Beijing time, according to German”Transfer Market” statistics, Wu Lei’s value was updated again, still showing a trend of continuous decline. The latest value is 4 million euros. , Ranked 1922 in the world, ranked 10th among La Liga players, and 6th in the Spanish team. But he is still the most valuable Chinese player, tied for the top spot with Exon.