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Green dot “beautiful” life, forestry technology enters Xiamen community

   China News Service, Xiamen, March 21 (Reporter Yang Fushan) On the 21st, it coincides with World Forest Day. Xiamen, which is committed to “beautiful” a better life with greenery, highlights the city’s high appearance with its vibrant greenery. The relevant departments of Xiamen City jointly organized voluntary service activities to bring forestry science and technology into the community.


An ordinary community policeman was also on the US sanctions list. Chinese netizens:Learn from him

[Article/Observer Network Chen Cong] According to a report by Hong Kong Tagong Wenhui on the 11th, the US State Department announced on Thursday, local time, that it would sanction 17 foreign officials and their immediate family members. Dagong Wenhui.com noted that the list of 17 people included Huang Yuanxiong, a police officer from the Wucun Police Station of the Siming Branch of the Xiamen Public Security Bureau. The US threatened that the official seriously violated the freedom of religious belief of followers of a certain cult.


The Football Association held a C-level coach training class in Xiamen, Dong Fangzhuo participated in the training

Live Bar News on November 6 According to the Xiamen Football Association, Dong Fangzhuo will participate in the C-level coach training class held in Xiamen recently. From November 17th to 29th, the C-level coaches training course of the Chinese Football Association will be held in Xiamen. A total of 24 trainees will participate in this training, including former international Dong Fangzhuo. After retiring, Dong Fangzhuo established Dong Fangzhuo Football Club in Xiamen in 2018 to engage in youth training.